Congrats, on your investment in your brand and that’s a huge start! Let’s jump straight into the list because I hate reading a ton to get to the juicy stuff. Now that you know what to do to have a successful brand photoshoot go out there and make magic happen! If you liked this blog […]


December 31, 2022

How to Prep For your Personal Brand Photoshoot

Well, you may think that there is a difference between these two things, but if I’m being completely honest with you. Your right! Your business and your brand are two completely different things and here is why. Business is problem-solving you do for your ideal client aviator AKA ICA. The brand is the emotions that […]


August 23, 2022


Story Behind the Brand⬇️ Meet Lucely, the kindest slash badass women I have met! She is the CEO of @funballoons and she is so passionate about her balloon company and has poured her heart into all she does! She is so talented and amazes me every time I see one of her designs.  🎈Fun fact […]


July 7, 2023

Fun Balloons

Let’s Learn how to tell a compelling brand story that resonates with your target audience and creates an emotional connection. 😎Storytelling has become an essential element of successful branding. In today’s world, consumers are looking for more than just a product or service – they want to connect with the brands they use and feel […]


April 12, 2023

The Power of Storytelling in Branding:

Denver’s Custom Cookies and Party Designer A Million Dreams Co is a party band that specializes in party balloons, sugar cookies, and macarons. They want to create a wave of themed party decor with matching cookies and macaroons, and be the one-stop shop for busy mamas for all occasions! A Million Dreams Co is a […]


March 31, 2023

A Million Dreams Co

DENVER’S PILATES STUDIO BRAND PHOTO SESSION Are you looking for a Pilates studio that offers a clean and private space for you to get a better 1:1 experience with your instructor? Look no further than Pilates by Riley, located in the heart of Lakewood, Colorado. Owned by Riley, a passionate Pilates instructor, this studio is […]


March 26, 2023

Pilates By Riley

Finding something to wear for your photoshoot can definitely be a little stressful. Here at HBB we make sure we have that covered by helping you choose colors that fit your brand and vision of your photoshoot. But if you are still unsure here are some tips that will help you feel confident on SHOOT […]


August 30, 2022

What To Wear To your Brand Photoshoot

Branding is not just a logo or Pallett colors! Your brand is the foundation to your ideal dream home, the concrete slabs that hold up your 4 walls. If you don’t have solid ground your walls will crack and start to sink in the soil. Then you will need some foundation work later! Stand out […]


March 23, 2022

What Is a Brand and Why Do I need one?

Picking out an outfit is fun but can also be overwhelming so here are my 5 tips on getting dressed to impress your brand photos addition!! I like to get straight to the point so let’s jump in! #1 Wear something you feel comfy in and beautiful in! I can always tell when my clients […]


March 12, 2022

What to wear to a Brand Session?

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March 8, 2022

What is the difference between branding and business photoshoots?

professional branding photos in denver colorado| her branding bestie

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